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Thar be treasure out on th' horizon fer th' takin'. If, o' course, ye know when 'n whar t' be lookin' Hear me parley n' listen closely, me gentlemen o' fortune 'n me bonnie lassies, fer I be blessed t' 'ave a knowin' o' whar ye can be findin' a bounty well-nigh as sweet as rum. Aye, a swashbucklin' scoundrel I may be, but ne'er can ye say tha' I be not a captain o' honor, true t' th' pirate code 'n right by me mates 'til th' sea steal me back from whence me came. And please, dudes, do us all a favor and lay off the eyeliner.

None of us are. Leave the makeup to your girlfriend and Bowie, man. We've compiled a list of acceptable pirate garb, links to a free online pirate translator, a free pirate iPhone app, and online pirate language courses, as well as some deals on costumes if you need to stock up on pirate apparel and accessories all in a far more intelligible English vernacular.

There are few more formative, supportive, creative, and direct influences in our lives than teachers. For anyone who has sat behind a desk in a classroom, we are forever indebted to our educators and thankful for their often thankless efforts. We want to say thank you to all the teachers and educators we've had, have, or will have in our lives in the best way we know: by helping teachers save on back-to-school supplies and learning materials. We realize that, though it may be the most noble profession of all, rarely does teaching come with adequate financial compensation.

In order to facilitate this and alleviate some of the fiscal burden that providing for your students can be, we've compiled a list of 25 retailers with teacher and educator specific discounts and deals devoted to helping you save more money when it comes time to furnish your classrooms. From school supplies to teaching aids and instructional materials, we hope these discounts can begin to come close to paying our teachers back for all the good you've done and continue to do.

And to Mrs. McMullen, my junior high math teacher: I'm really sorry for all the times you had to remind me to spit out my gum and tuck in my shirt. Summer is in full swing and it sure is a hot one. The last thing you want to be doing in degree weather is sweating in the kitchen whipping something up. We're here to help.

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For official contest rules please click here. Worry not. And every day of my life since that chance encounter has been all the better for it. Jimmy Something.

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How can I not remember his name? He was definitely a Marine. Perhaps, in a way, he would like that, being remembered simply as a Marine.

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In those days, I was very young and equally foolish. A view through the lens of time would render a view of a petulant boy, cocksure of his own intelligence, and indignant at the world for not readily giving itself over to him. Besides a big slice of birthday cake, there is nothing sweeter than free food on the anniversary of your birth. Find out if your favorite eatery is on this list of restaurants that offer free birthday gifts to guests.

Many retailers understand that some birthday gifts can take the form of an exclusive discount or perk offered to patrons celebrating a birthday. Browse through this list of retailers who offer birthday freebies to loyal customers. Check out this list of entertainment hot spots that offer birthday freebies and plan something fun! Get the scoop on even more freebies with our lists for kids, moms, dads, and more in the slideshow below:. This year I received a coupon in the mail for a magnifying glass that doubles as a screwdriver with 5 bits.

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Well done Menards. I signed up for the thing in their store and received the coupons in the mail right before my birthday.

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Even something small can make a big difference — and let us know a company really appreciates us. Featured Products. Kids Eat Free.

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