Extreme couponing tips and tricks for beginners

Shampoo companies frequently run these types of promotions.

Extreme Couponing Tips for Regular People

Additional places to look:. Junk Mail. High-value manufacturer coupons have started to appear in junk mailers, so be sure to look before you toss them. Direct From the Manufacturer. Check manufacturer websites for printable coupons, or contact companies by mail, email, or phone to request coupons for the products you use. Often just a quick note to let a company know that you love their products is all it takes to get a bunch of coupons. Store Mailings. Get a frequent shopper card for the grocery stores where you shop, and you may be rewarded with special coupon mailings that are customized to your purchase habits.

On Products. Clipping out all coupons Clipping out just the coupons that you intend to use Leaving the coupon inserts intact, and clipping coupons on an as-needed basis. Develop a filing system. Many couponers organize their coupons by grocery category—dairy, frozen foods, deli, etc. If another system works better for you--by aisle, by expiration date, or something else—then put that plan into action.

Find a container to hold your coupons. What you choose isn't as important as having a single landing spot for all of those coupons. File coupons the same day you get them. Okay, so you may not always have time to file your coupons right away, but try to file them as soon as you can. Staying on top of this task prevents the coupons from getting lost, and saves you the hassle of having to sort through a big mess of coupons all at once. Purge regularly. Expired coupons won't save you money, so don't let them hog space in your coupon file. Set a schedule for purging expired coupons, and stick to it.

Shop at stores that double coupons. Keep your coupons with you at all times. You never know when a deal might pop up. If you find a product on clearance, and you happen to have a coupon for that product with you, you'll get an even sweeter deal. Match coupons to sales. Use a site like couponmom.

When you have coupons that exceed the value of the items you're buying, use them at Walmart. They'll allow you to apply your coupon overage to other items, or will even give it back to you in cash. Learn each store's coupon policy, so you know what you can and can't do. It should be available on their website. Consider printing a copy, so you can show it to the cashier, if you run into any trouble with a deal. Thanks for your website!

Sometimes they can be helpful — like if an item will give you overage — for saving money on the items you do want. But definitely not required. February 9, at pm. I would like to start couponing. However, I have specific products and brands that I like to use. That is a little discouraging. February 20, at pm. February 1, at am.

I am wondering how I can get multiple coupon inserts for free, I am not able financially to purchase the newspapers and hoping for newspapers. I started asking stores what they do with the leftover newspapers at the end of the night, the negativity from the stores was not expected they preferred throwing them out before letting you take them. I felt like I stumbled on some big government secret and any second I was going to be pushed in a van and warned to back off, LOL, really, are these coupon inserts made of gold, why am I having such a hard time getting the papers?

Can anyone please tell me what I need to do?? January 9, at pm. December 2, at pm.

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December 1, at pm. I am new to this and found this blog very informative. I cant wait to start saving on my monthly bill. November 16, at pm. What should I do? November 17, at am. November 13, at pm. November 5, at pm. Hi there. I have a Kroger that doubles coupons up to 55 cents, but does not price match. Target does allow you to use their coupons and a manufacturers coupon on one item though so. Which store would YOU shop at for the better discounts? November 11, at pm. That is tough. I would really just pick whichever store has the best stores each week. Our Kroger recently stopped doubling coupons, but even before that, I still tended to shop at Target due to their store coupons and lower prices.

November 4, at pm. Love this site and many thanks to everyone on here! You all inspire me to the fullest! November 3, at pm. How are Coupon Clipping services are OK? Most coupons say that they are void if transferred, sold, or exchanged. I would think that that means buying coupons from clipping services wrong. Clipping services are technically not selling the coupons, just charging for their time spent collecting, clipping, and shipping the coupons. November 2, at pm. Can someone break down all the basics and the walmart coupon policy?

No, you can only use ONE coupon per item. November 2, at am. Thank you so much for this website and all of the valuable information that it has on it. I do not have a pricebook started yet. Has anyone started a pricebook or excel spreadsheet I can download to get me started? Anything you have to get me started will be greatly appreciated!!!! November 1, at am. I am still excited from yesterday…I went to Riteaid and got free makeup. I asked for the manager and got the deal and later got the same deal at Walmart.

I was buying more than one of the same item. I got my deals and still am very pleased! November 1, at pm. October 30, at pm. I was wondering about the doubleing coupons do I have to buy more than 1 item for the coupon to double.. October 26, at pm. Im looking for someone in the Twin Cities Minnesota to help me learn how to do this for my family and the womens battered shelter. Is there anyone out there that will teach me everything you know? Thank you so much for your time. October 25, at am. I am so happy I found this website. I have watched the extreme coupon show but am not interested in buying in such bulk.

I am looking for good deals and saving a little extra money. Today was the first time I have ever sat down and clipped coupons. This means you have to buy two products? I could use the same coupon up to four times? Or another scenario.. If you have more, you can use them another time. I recommend hanging onto your coupon for a better sale. October 21, at pm. October 20, at pm. I am new to couponing and not having very good luck getting my coupons on line. Thanks vicki. October 20, at am. I really love your site! Not only is it helpful, but man it just breaks everything down to where I can fully understand how it all works and that I can go to my favorite stores shopping with confidence!

October 19, at pm. I am fairly new to couponing. I live in a small town where Wal-Mart is our one and only option for shopping. Granted, I have saved some money by using their Price Matching policy but the problem I run into is getting my coupons to match up with the items on sale. Our local paper is a terrible source for coupons so I have depended on printable coupons. My husband works in the construction industry which means we live without a paycheck for most of the winter season. We have 3 kids now and it gets harder and harder each year. Any suggestions???

We are literally living on bologna and hot dogs now cause what I did have stockpiled is gone. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Sorry you are having difficulties. And price matching is definitely good to do as well. Make sure to also sign up for all the free coupons that can be mailed to you as those are a great way to save without using any resources. What a great guide, thank you. Guess I better get a binder going. One has to be careful in couponing. October 18, at pm. This might be a silly question and I believe I know the answer but, I have two coupons.

One says 50 cents off ONE detergant.

Tips For Coupon Newbies/Beginners!!

Thank you for your response! Question: Which site do you find most user friendly for printing out mfg coupons? October 14, at am. I wanted to take advantage of some of the match ups posted. They talk about different regions have different inserts. Will the coupons from any region work anywhere we find the products. Assuming there not store specific? I thought the more coupons the better so I printed things I would buy if they were a great deal.

What coupon would they use? Thanks for all the help. October 14, at pm. I usually recommend that you only print the coupons you know you will use eventually OR a really high value coupon that might disappear quickly and you are pretty sure you will use it if a great deal comes along. This will depend on the store. I have two kroger stores in my area, one 18 miles s and one 12 miles n. The coupons will work in both stores, BUT when using them with sales ads the same item my not be on sale in both stores.

Even though these stores are fairly close to each other, they are in different marketing areas. October 10, at pm. Im new to this and loving it so far. September 30, at am. Can you please make a coupon class on video? But I will buy the video? I really want to fully understand the process. October 5, at am. I am considering creating more videos on couponing. I just prefer writing over speaking, so the process takes a lot longer. September 28, at pm. So, if you have 12 coupons for cereal then you can buy 12 boxes. September 21, at pm. It all sounds great but I see couponers buying multiples.

Pingback: Question about couponing - City-Data Forum. August 28, at am. Thank You so much for this website. I am finding this to be a hobby also! However, I do not have any children, it is just myself, boyfriend and our pitbull. I was mortified. I was polite and everything, she was just so rude, and people behind me were huffing and puffing. It was so embarrassing. What do you suggest? August 28, at pm. Pick the best store to shop at and just shop there.

Angry cashiers can be very frustrating — even for experience couponers! August 19, at pm. I have tried couponing once, but set out with unrealistic expectations, and threw the towel in when I did not reach the goals that I had set, plus all the time clipping and orgainizing and not achieving the goals was very disappointing.

The information that you have provided here is excellent, and thank you for sharing your wisdom. I would really like to start again, but I am afraid that I wil be disappointed again. Where are you and do you offer classes? No two families will see the same savings. August 14, at pm. Hi stephanie, my question is if I have a coupon say for 1. August 17, at pm. Just wanted to to let beginner couponers know that using coupons will save them money. Those shoppers are only buying in very large quantities of 10 to 15 items and with coupons that will make their final cost little to nothing.

They watch for the best price they can get for that item and most times they call ahead to make sure they have the items in stock. If you watch the ads and your coupons you can save lots of money and come out a winner. This is how I do my Christmas shopping. July 31, at pm. Where can I get coupons like those in Ext. Any ideas Thanks, Deb.

July 24, at pm. Stephanie, Hi! Now, I got on their website and printed some of the coupons but because I get their preview I knew all of the coupons were not on their website. ANY idea where else I can find them? Thank you so much. Unfortunately not all coupons are available in all areas. The coupons on the printable sites are not the same as what is in the paper.

You may just have to go without. July 23, at am. July 21, at pm. Thank you, I will look for those sales and save the coupon till then. Also for those who may not have known you can buy coupons from ebay real cheap for 99cents and you can type in speciffic like copon for glade and find just those coupons. May be I helpd someone happy couponing to all.

How do you find out what stores double and triple coupons? Im from FL, we dont have a lot of the stores you refer to. Publix is big down here. Can you please tell me what is a good price for a single roll of toilet paper and paper towel without considering a brand name? Thanks a lot! July 13, at pm. I have a question about B1G1 sales and coupons. At my store there are Ritz crackers on sale B1G1.

Can I buy 2 boxes at B1G1 price and use both coupons? Disregard this question! I start back tracking on the comments and I found my answer! July 10, at pm. I have a clarifying question about couponing fine print terminology. I can not use 2 of these coupons and get 2 4-pk. I noticed this terminology on the Target Web Coupons that I printed. Thanks for the help. I will be heading out to do my first shopping trip soon and want to make sure I am understanding things. Happy Shopping!

July 9, at pm. July 8, at am. July 2, at pm. Hi Stephanie, Love your site first of all!! Is there any advice you could give me for my first ever couponing trip?? July 1, at am. So i still dont understand how people get items for free, or even recieve money back on some items??? Can i use more than 1 coupon on an item? What is the best strategy for saving the most money?? Confused beginner. Sally , There are a few items to get items for free, the main one is waiting until an item goes on sale for less than your coupon.

Does anyone else coupon at these store? June 26, at am. June 19, at pm.

How to Start Couponing: The Ultimate Guide for Beginners

Just wanted to say that I am a cashier at walmart. Do not ever feel afraid to save yourself some money! I dont know how many times a day I have a customer apologize to me for ad matching or using coupons. Dont apologize to us for ad matching and using coupons. But other than that I love your site and I have gotten alot of great advice. June 24, at pm. Sky Brooks , Thank you for clarifying ad match vs. That is an important distinction! June 16, at pm. Is that an easier way to obtain coupons during sales so they do not go to waste?

Tasha , If you need the item and were planning to buy it anyway — then go ahead and use it. June 10, at pm. I noticed some people were asking about produce coupons and I have discovered that Driscoll Farms which sells berries of all sorts does have coupons available if you visit their site. Just google that name and it should lead you there. June 9, at pm. Thanks so much for the info. I just started to use coupons cause, my famile and I are in a rut with bills and are strapped with cash.

But I still dont have a clue if any of the stores I go to will double the coupons or even take them all at once if their the same. But I would love to have an extreme couponer to help me and guide me so that I can have hands on and really understand the meanings of a coupon. So what can I really do if I have no clue what I am doing??

June 6, at pm. I dont really get how coupon database works. I thought it was where you could find a coupon and print it. Is it just showing you there was one available? For the most part I cant click on the coupon to print it. Haley , It shows you the coupon sources. If there is a printable coupon you should be able to click on it and print it. If the coupon was from the newspaper, it simply tells you which insert it was in. June 5, at pm. Jennifer , This means you can only use one coupon per specific item, and you can only use 4 of those coupons per trip. Example: Say you have a coupon for 25c off toilet paper, that means you can only use 4 of these coupons for 4 packages of toilet paper per trip.

Of course you can use less, but no more than 4. June 4, at pm. I am very excited to get started and very excited that you have made this available to me to get started! I wish I had somebody to just sit with and show me in person, one on one in person! But this is a great start for me! Thank you very much!!!!! I plan to get the Sunday paper tomorrow and get started!!!! Thank you very much!! June 2, at pm.

May 30, at pm. I am extremely new to this couponing and have yet to really get started but I just had a few questions I would like to ask….. Most of the stores in my area do not accept printed off coupons and I was wondering How I could get some mailed to me?? I have 4 small children with another coming and saving money is in dire need of saving lots of money….

Our only income is from one job and need the extra items….. And in the stores around here they try and say you can only use so many coupons per transaction What can I do about this?? June 2, at am. They do charge a small fee for packaging up the coupons for you. There is also Ebay where you can buy full inserts. Protector and Gamble has a program you can sign up for and they will send you coupons. May 30, at am. I love this site so much I cant sleep. I am soooo ready to get started. I have a blooms, foodlion,walmart in my area.

My question is can I call them and ask them for a list of their items and the prices in there store and will they give it to me or will I need to make a list of what my family uses and go the these stores and do it myself. I to am just starting couponing. I have been out of work for a yr due to an injury and not yet on disability. My husband works so hard to pay the bills and I feel that I do nothing to support my family. So If i can do this I think I will feel better about myself. I also bought 2 sunday papers and there were no coupons in them is that because of memorial day weekend and the sales they are already having?

May 29, at pm. I am new to coupons. I like to know what websites you can get free coupons without using cell phone number. Also where you have to register or add a toolbar to your computer. Please answer back I need help. I need to cut my grocery bill in half. Its us two and 3 dogs. May 27, at am. One thing that show did was peak my interest in couponing. I will confess that until now I have hated to go to Walmart because of the lines. Also I am going out tomorrow to get 7 different items for a total of. May 26, at am. Long time couponer, first time blogger!

Do you have any pointers, tips or sites that pertain to Florida couponing? If you have a CVS or Walgreens near you then that is also a great way to save on toiletries and paper goods. Pleae let me know if you can help me get started. Just get your coupons, match them to the sales I do this for you for many stores and go shopping! Some stores, like Walgreens, require a little more planning though. May 25, at pm. Im not totally discouraged by this but maybe someone can suggest somethinhg that i might be missing….

A great way to reduce your bill is to start shopping at drug stores. You can begin to get all your toiletries for free which will give you a lot more room in your budget for other groceries. May 24, at pm. I wanted to ask you about the B1G1. I am new to this and really trying to save money for a move we are about to make. I ended up spending but I was pround of my savings. I would have spent way more without the coupons. I was a little nervous walking up to the counter with these coupons not knowing how they would respond!!

I got 2 big bottles of wish bone dressing and 2 bags of denta sticks for 2 dollars!! Woo Hoo!! This just shows you how exspensive things are! And great job couponing! You are so right — full price is SOOO expensive!! May 23, at am. May 21, at pm. Hi, I am loving this website.

I have a question about Rite Aid. I went there twice this week. May 22, at pm. Gina , I do not have a Rite Aid in my area and am not familiar with their policies. May 20, at pm. Thank you for posting this… I have been recently put on disability and have to find ways to save. I am new to couponing as well. By far this site is my favorite. My problem is this-I registered on several coupon sites and now my Inbox on Yahoo is loaded with crap. So many of these sites have sold my email address.

I am now averaging new spam emails per day. How do I prevent this? Which sites, besides this one are reputable? Maureen Delaney , Many times when you sign up with a site you are giving them permission to email you. Sometimes there is a little box you can uncheck to prevent them from sending you emails. Use that email just for signing up for coupons, samples, and deals so that those emails do not clog up your regular email account. May 20, at am. I am just starting and this is so confusing, they make it seem so easy on t. May 19, at pm. I would just like you thank you so much! I always wanted to start couponing but I had no idea of how to really use them to save me money.

And since Extreme Couponing came on tv I knew I had to figure this out. Your site is just beyond helpful to me. I was completely clueless and you have totally enlightened me. You make it so simple and easy to understand. Thank you again so much! May 16, at pm. What a great website! Thank you so much for all the tips about organizing, planning and all the up-to-date store deals. By the way, how much time one should spend on clipping and organizing coupons? May 17, at am. What I mean was, should I clip all the coupons and organize them or just clip the coupons that has deals that week?

Andrea , It just depends on how you want to organize them. Others prefer to leave the inserts whole and organize them by date and then just cut the coupons as needed each week. May 15, at am. I already got one free item and many other items at a low price on my first shopping trip. Thank you so much for your help.

If anyone have any info on this please reply. Mar , Most coupon sites will only let you print 2 of each coupon. May 14, at pm. Im attempting at wrapping my brain around couponing for the first time ever. Ok so its super easy on any site to see how much you are saving when you start to add up the coupons, but where the heck does it tell you how much your spending? Where does it tell you how much the product is priced at so you can figure out what the price is that you will be spending. How do all these people figure out what exactly they are spending before they get there is none of these sites tell you the price of the produce in the first place.

Times are rough and im really trying to save money if i can. May 12, at pm. And another question why is it so important to know what isle each item is, do not understand that ethier please explain. May 12, at am. So, my hubby and I want to start saving as much as we can.

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Winn-Dixie has a Customer Rewards card which is great and Wal-Mart has really good savings as well especially on the ct diapers that I buy for baby girl but where am I going to get the most for my coupon buck? I love this site and I know your response will be fair. May 6, at pm.

First, let me say that I love this website. I am also new to couponing and would like to know how items are free. Based on some of the previous posts, you can not use more than one coupon for the same item. Can anyone let me know how to get the items for free. Check the price of the item.

I always carry my coupons with me because u never know when u can find a good deal. Beside match your coupons with sales check ur newspaper or the sales from the store u want u can go online and check. Hopefully this help u. May 5, at am. Should I print them way ahead of time hoping to use them at a much later date when prices are rock bottom just like we do the paper inserts? None of the stores around here double coupons. April 28, at pm. April 27, at am. April 29, at pm. I just started getting back on the track of couponing. I got the Sunday papper today which has always been the number one sorce in a lot of peoples books.

But there are no coupons in there. Anyone know why that is????? April 25, at pm. April 22, at pm. I just started using coupons and have been saving dollars a week on my grocerys it just seems like im paying a lot more on my grocerys now than I did before. Am I doing something wrong? I do look for the best deals at the different stores. Only stockpile if you have room in your budget to do so. April 22, at am. Great site! I have a question: do you recommend any particular order when using manufacturer and store coupons?

Or should I group all coupons according to product? Is there a reason for this? When I shop, I usually give the cashier my card before anything is rung up and then, after everything is scanned, I give them a bunch of coupons all mixed up. Any advice would be appreciated. April 21, at pm. Thanks for writing up all this information for us! I liked your video about the baseball card holder for your coupons, too.

Great idea. I saw on Extreme Couponing that those ladies did that, as well. But, I do think I can follow your model of realistic couponing. Appreciate your kindness! Just getting started. I notice you list Kroger as one of the stores you show matches for. In Arizona, we have Frys, which is owned by Kroger. Erin , Most printable coupon sites will only allow you to print 2 of each coupon which is legal. April 21, at am. Thank you so much for doing this! April 20, at pm. This is great stuff…. I am going to start this week. Thanks for the great information.

Wish me luck. April 18, at am. Is there another coupon clipping co you recommend? I registered with The Coupon Clippers and never received my approval. I also emailed their CS to follow up and have not heard back. It has been a week now. April 18, at pm. Brandi , Hm, that is strange. April 17, at pm. Thank you for such an awesome site! I just started couponing and made my first trip to Safeway with my coupons. I even got a Chex Mix for free by using my club card. All things that I would have bought anyway and will use over the next few weeks. It was an awesome feeling seeing the total go down by so much.

April 15, at pm. I LOVE your site!! But using coupons my first week and doing the things i learned on here. I just wanted to thank you for having this site! April 13, at pm. This website is awesome!!!!! I am new to couponing and I searched many site but none compare to this one it was so helpful thank you so much for all the tips. April 13, at am. We are military and budgets are tight so we do our shopping for a 2 weeks period. I now uderstand that I can only use one manufactorers coupon and one store coupon for one item.

But on some of my coupons it says: Limit one coupon per purchase of products and quantites stated. Limit 4 like coupons in same shopping trip. So does that mean if I use 4 coupons I have to buy 4 items or can I use 4 coupons on 1 item? I think I know but I just want it clearified. Julie , Each item you buy is a purchase, so you can buy 4 and use 4 coupons. April 7, at pm. So i want to start couponing and i just called all 3 grocery stores in my town 2 albertsons ans a stater brother And all of them said that they do not stack or double coupons. Do i need to speak with a manager…or is it unusual stores do that?

April 9, at pm. April 6, at pm. I read that the weekly ads run on a 12 week cycle. I am new at this and trying to figure out a way to save some grocery cash. Does the cycle start by calendar year? Did you figure the cycle out after you started coupon ing? I am so grateful for your advice. April 2, at pm. I love your site, it has helped a lot. Thank You! Katrina , The coupons loaded on your card are considered manufacturer coupons so you cannot use an additional paper coupon. March 10, at pm. I am new to this. Until recently I was able to print my coupons at work but recently there has been a crackdown and now I am unable to download them onto my computer and then print them.

I would like to use my home email but we have no printer at home. Is there a way I can save them and email them to myself at work to print them? Thanks for any help you can give me! March 21, at pm. March 8, at pm. I am new to the whole couponing thing and have a couple questions. Am I missing out on coupons by not getting a Sunday paper?

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Or am I able to get all the the coupons in the Sunday paper through the various coupon websites ie. Excellent tips! I know that ShopRite does double coupons up to. February 26, at pm. Secondly, I just wanted to add if someone does go overboard there is a website called freecycle where you can give stuff away and people will come to your house it pick it up.

How-to: Become an extreme couponer

Very convienent. Thank you for the awesome guide. I got some things free.

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  7. Those who save tons of money-I give props to you for the dedication! February 17, at pm. If you have an Aldi near you, you might check there, they usually have great prices on produce. February 6, at am. Do you have any suggestions? Margaret , I think that people have a warped view of couponing, especially after the extreme couponing show. It takes time and you will get the hang of it eventually! Probably the majority of what I clip is thrown away.

    If I used them all I would go broke! I just clip them just in case a great sale comes along. January 26, at pm. Hi stephanie!.. January 27, at pm. Glad you are enjoying couponing!! Thanks for your help! Most eCoupons can only be used once, but if you had 2 of the same eCoupon that you loaded from 2 different eCoupon sites, then you could probably buy 2 of those items and use both eCoupons. January 13, at pm. January 7, at am. OrganizedProcastinator , You select the coupons you want and how many of each, and they clip and mail you those coupons for a small fee.

    January 6, at pm. Christine , Yes, you must comply with the coupon terms. January 7, at pm. Can I do that? Just want to make sure before buying 5 of the same coupons from a clipping service. January 10, at pm. September 12, at pm. January 6, at am. I see all these people on tv getting this stuff for almost nothing. That will really get my price down…is this how all this works? Thanks for your website it has really helped me alot! January 5, at pm. Once you get the hang of it, you can move on to other stores like cvs or walgreens. January 5, at am.

    I too watched the extreme couponing show and was blown away. I need to start saving money due to an illness that has put a strain on my income. Do you have any suggestions on how I find local coupons? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. They have great low prices and you could do very well there. January 4, at pm.

    January 2, at pm. I watched extreme couponers on cable this Friday, what i want to know is how do they do it to spend Thats what i would like to accomplish. January 3, at pm. Noemy , It is entirely possible, but the people on that show have been couponing for a long time. December 31, at pm.