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The retail dry cleaning industry is currently made up of more than 30, independent stores. International sales are estimated to be even greater. Remarkably, no single dry cleaning company commands even two percent of this enormous market. Perhaps, you may have considered the possibility of opening an independent dry cleaning store. After all, there are thousands of such stores around the nation.

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That's why our motto is "Clean Around the World". Learn more about our services in the consumer section of this web site. Featuring wipe-clean design for learning by practice, these workbooks can introduce children to letters, numbers, colors, and shapes.

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Interactive books for young readers full of photographs, sounds, and textures of dinosaurs, animals, trucks, or farm life. This gadget from the Harry Potter series features portions of the map of Hogwarts in invisible ink revealed by the help of the included wand. This Pete the Cat phonics box was designed to help kids learn to read with phonics and features examples of short and long vowel sounds. New dinosaurs series from the publisher of Zoobooks, ideal for ages 5 and up; wild learning fun with dino books, apps, and games for kids.

Sesame Street board books all about the alphabet and the numbers 1—10 pack inside a yellow school bus display case. Similar to paint-by-number kits, these books allow sticker artists to watch a vibrant 3-D image emerge as they put each sticker in place. If there were a 6 Star Rating this dry cleaner would get them all.

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They really know their business and are quick and extremely helpful. It is clearly a passionately run business keen to maintaining extremely high standards. They can get spots out of the most delicate fabrics. They even pick up and deliver. Definitely continuing my business with Dryapp from now on. I am now the proud Baba of six grandchildren, and my gift to each newborn is diaper service for a year! My daughter, recently gave birth to her third baby.

She used diaper services for her first two children, and Happy Nappy is her preferred diaper provider. Keep up the good work!. I hadn't received my clothes yet but walking out after receiving her service assured me that the job would be done well Thanks Sandie!. Hard working immigrants. The American dream.

Great product and a great small Business!. They even listed every dry cleaner near me where I could use it. Turns out the one I selected with the highest rating is fabulous! Very nice people and they graciously honor the card.. That was all I really needed to know about her integrity and, therefore, the integrity of her business.

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It was only confirmed by the quality of service - fluff and fold in this case. Everything was clean and obviously sorted and folded with care.

I'll be back regularly..